Gerald's Game

If you are into horror movies then you should check out Netflix latest film Gerald’s Game. This is a psychological horror story that plays out almost entirely on a bed, where the main character, Jessie (Carla Gugino), has been handcuffed by her husband, Gerald, before he suffers a fatal heart attack on top of her.

Jessie is alone in a secluded lake house with basically no hope of rescue, no food, and no phone within reach. In the moment of despair Jessie confronts hallucinations of her bastard husband antagonizing her — while an even stronger manifestation of her subconscious forces her to unpack a childhood trauma that made her susceptible to a scoundrel like Gerald at all.

After a few days spent watching her dead husband decompose on the floor, fending off a hungry dog that’s waiting for its next red meat entrée, and exposing the demons in her psychological closet, Jessie realizes she won’t make it through one more night and takes extreme measures to free herself. Her one blessed reprieve has been a glass of water that Gerald left within reach before dying, and after shattering the glass, she goes through her own 127 Hours moment, cutting a Y incision up her wrist and into her palm, then forcing her hand down through the cuff as the skin peels upward like a latex glove coming off.


The degloving scene is one of the most iconic yet disturbing scene you will ever watch on TV.  This is  because it depicts a woman finding a strength she never knew she had, propelling her forward toward self-rescue (she’s still starving, alone in seclusion, and at this point bleeding to death, after all) — if she can make it through this gruesome moment, she can begin the rest of her life. Freeing herself from the cuffs via self-mutilation is a poignant, crystallizing moment: Jessie realizes her life is worth fighting for.

This a must watch but definitely not for the faint hearted.