Singer Vivienne

Fame and fortune is what most of the worlds population crave for. Everyone wants to be highly recognized, respected and have loads of money just like movie stars, professional footballers or rock stars.

But what if you have one without the other. that the situation Music star Vivienne Wambui found herself in. after releasing several hit singles the singer rose to fame capturing everyone’s attention but unfortunately her pockets remained dry.

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Image result for Singer Vivian kenyashe narrated how even with her celebrity status she slept hungry with almost no one to turn to. however media personality Miss Tamima and Gospel act DK Kwenye beat did come to her rescue.

Here is the singer narrating about one of her most difficult periods.

I have been trying to hide my history but I keep getting convicted to share. About 2 years ago before I released “Teren Teren” my life was a real struggle. I couldn’t afford good clothing worth public appearances. I vividly remember there is a concert I was invited to perform but the promoter refused me to get on stage due to my dressing. He said I was poorly dressed and my dressing looked Ghetto. That broke my heart. At that time I used to earn 4,000 from my Karaoke gig, after deducting the rent, transport, I would survive on less than 500 for a whole month. Things were tough. I have to thank my friend Tamima who saw my suffering and donated some clothing. Another friend I need to thank is DK Kwenye Beat for sharing his family food with me. Sometimes I slept hungry. Yes, I was a celebrity but sleeping hungry. My songs were playing everywhere but deep inside I was in agony. My room was empty, no seats. I sat on the floor. I keep thanking God for everything I have now. Now i live in God’s abundance: a good big house,a good car and enough for my fill! His Grace is surely sufficient. For those who are going through tough times”