Dr. Wahome Gakuru

They say you never know the day or hour that you will get to take your last breath. That’s why it is important to spend every minute doing the things that matter the most. This is a huge lesson Kenyans have learned as they woke up to the unfortunate news that Nyeri governor Dr. Wahome Gakuru had passed on Tuesday morning following a gristly road accident.

Being governor is a very huge responsibility you have millions of people looking up to you for leadership and guidance. But event with that the governor will be remembered for spending some of his last hours with someone who mattered to him most his son.http://i2.wp.com/pbs.twimg.com/media/DN95Cp8W4AE-rjA.jpg?w=640&ssl=1

As his son prepared to sit for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), Gakuru invited his son home alongside his fellow candidates from Alliance High School for prayers and motivation. Little did they know that that would be the last time they would bond as father and son.

Here are some pictures of Dr. Gakuru’s last moments.


Rest in peace Bwana Governor.