lillian muli

Popular TV anchor Lillian Muli has lashed out at a social media use after being question on why she brought out the boyfriend topic during the interview with Kenya’s top pupil Goldalyn and her parents.  

“She is a 14-year-old so have you ever encountered boyfriend drama, typical 14-year-old issues, any from her, has she been a relatively easy child to raise?” is the questioned Lillia Muli asked that got her called an a$$hole.

 However the TV siren wasn’t going to take it lying down. Her response was vicious and direct.

“I refuse to let people like these insult and get away with it! Why are people so angry though how do you draw a child into such stupid talk! To you Mr Blue suit Watch the interview on Youtube preferably when sober since you are clearly kind of inebriated (google that word lest you think it’s the name of a country).”

“This “dad” calls people assholes! Cheers to your 2 seconds of fame instead of dissing people raise your child to excel in life. Ama you are vexed coz you got an E in KCPE? Shame on you! Perfectionist dad my foot! Look at you with your silly blue suit lol.

“Is you a sissy or nah! yes I said it! Don’t post your poop here. I won’t even block you clearly you are just a stalker 👀 Keep watching bro there’s plenty more to come. Look at your silly self-right now talking nonsense here…let me hold my peace but I’ve said it before say anything you want about me but never insult me!

“Long post right! My mama always tells me “watu wengine wivu itawamaliza” positive or negative means you are paying attention to what I’m doing and I’m so glad I caught your attentio this post will stay here you wanted fame! Have it.”

Well it’s good that finally got to blow off some steam.