NIVEA Launches New Deodorant That Protects Against Itchy Under Arms

Deodorant users especially women have a reason to celebrate after market leader NIVEA unveil an antiperspirant deodorant that promises a long lasting protection and care without stinging,...

Turbans The Ultimate Crown For The Ultimate Style Queen

Turbans are the ultimate crown for every stylish woman. It's not as difficult to tie them as most women think. They are not only the perfect style...

Frovolution The Bigger The More Kink The Better

Frovolution is simply the evolution of African hair from the Afro to the weaves and perms and now pleasantly back to embracing it's roots. They say we...

Style Comes In More Than One Size So Get In Formation

Style is eternal and also comes tailored to fit any style. This is not something that has been embraced by the world of fashion but it is...

Gert Johan Coetzee (GJC) South Africa’s King Of Couture

Gert Johan Coetzee is a South African fashion designer. He is one of the most popular and talented designers in Africa as well. He was born in Koster...

EyeBrow Game Strong And On Point

Eyebrow game strong is the ultimate complement you can give a girl who has taken her time to groom her brows to perfection. They say the eyes...

Lipstick Jungle With A Pop Of Color

Lipstick jungle was a television series back in the day, it had nothing to do with lipstick but it had a lot to do with ladies and...

Bronze Up That Melanin On The Go

Bronze up your skin, this is the best kind of skin especially for we melanin girls. When it comes to your skin, I believe you should spare...

Laser Hair Removal Is The Answer

Laser hair removal has been here for quite sometime but in today's world of pop culture we can say the Kardashian clan made it quite popular as...

Ankara Power Suits As a Wardrobe Staple

Ankara is one fabric that is bold, bright and very powerful when it comes to making a fashion statement. It's Monday and you are not even mentally...

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