Dr Richard Leakey

“Go fetch your water in the toilet” La Cascina allegedly tell Dr Leakey

Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK) is calling out for the closure of the La Cascina Restaurant located in Karen over the racism allegations against conservationist Dr Richard...

Supermarkets Boycotting Nutella Due to Cancer Concern

The manufacturer of Nutella, Ferrero, has come out to deny claims that the palm oil used in their hazelnut and chocolate spreads could cause cancer. According to a...

Home Remedies to Help You Deal With A Toothache

Nothing can be more distressing like a toothache right in the middle of the night. Anyone who has had the misfortune of going through this agony will...

Foods you Should Never Cook or reheat in the Microwave

Microwaves have become very popular and too many of the young generation they just can't imagine making quick meals without it. But did you know there are...
pregnant woman

Foods to Avoid when You are Pregnant

It’s that period where you’re excited as you carry your little bundle of joy. During this time you may develop poor eating habits due to the many...

Why you need to take more yogurt!!

We all love yogurt but to some people this is just another junk food that we should stay away from. But surprisingly this drink has more benefits...

Making Simple Cocktails- Captain Morgan Rum Mix

Captain Morgan Original Rum & Pineapple Juice 50ml.  Captain Morgan® Original Rum 125ml. Pineapple Juice ➤ 2.0 units of alcohol per serve Equipment 1 x  Tall glass ...

Macharia Son fined 25K for careless driving

The son of Royal Media Services mogul S K Macharia, John Macharia was on Monday arraigned in court following an accident he caused on Saturday morning in Nairobi. Mr Macaharia...

Feel-Good Food

This spicy-hot root does plenty for an efficiently-functioning digestive system, thanks to anti-inflammatory phytonutrients known as gingerols that work to alleviate a distressed tract. According to ayurvedic...

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