Kenyans have reacted angrily to remarks by the Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet which downplayed brutality on Nairobi university students by the police.

In an interview with NTV’s Linus Kaikai, Boinnet angered netizens by suggesting he saw no wrong doing by his officers in handling of the various protests that have gone down in the country.Photo published for Inferiority complex and Slave mentality may explain Police Brutality

One of the citizen who also happens to be a journalist, Ken Mijungu. in a sensational Facebook post Mijungu has swore to resign if the IG fails to tame his officers. The top anchor also demands that the brutal officers be prosecuted. here is what he had to say…

“As a Kenyan citizen I am taking a moral high ground on police brutality. After watching several of the video especially of the police tear gassing students in their hostel, I am asking the IG Boinnet to take action on the police within 7 days, arrest and prosecute. If he doesn’t I will resign. There is no moral obligation to continue reporting on the same thing time and again without translating to something. It’s useless and frustrating.”