The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has denounced the now popular ‘Nairobi Business Community’ saying that they don’t recognize such a body. Speaking at a Nairobi hotel the alliance says that such a body doesn’t exists and non of their members is registered with them.

KEPSA also condemned  the groups move to declare anti NASA protests around the city.

“As much as protesting is a constitutional right we don’t support the anti NASA demos because they only serve to aggravate the matter.”

Kenyans have been calling on KEPSA to declare the matter with many accusing then ‘Nairobi Business Community’ of being members of the outlawed Mungiki sect.

KEPSA also urged the opposition to let the presidential re run take place warning that a prolonged election period would have a negative impact of the dwindling economy.

“We are aware of the disquiet among some about the willingness and ability of the IEBC to  conduct a free and fair Presidential election rerun. And while concerns as identified by the Supreme Court ruling should be taken seriously, boycotts, abstaining or forcing Kenyans not to participate are not the answer or solution to this mistrust.”

“Remember that one day those calling for boycotts could find themselves on the other side, desperately seeking legitimacy through an election.”

KEPSA is the apex body of the business community in Kenya, speaking for both multinationals and micro organizations. It
brings together all the associations from the different sectors of the economy to pursue an enabling business environment and create wealth and jobs for Kenya.