Leonard Mambo Mbotela

Early Saturday morning, Twitter went a buzz with breaking news that renowned radio and TV Presenter Leonard Mambo Mbotela died in a road accident.

Turns out that it was fake news initiated by popular blogger who has since taken down the tweets and apologized for the same.

Mr. Mbotela famous for his TV Show ‘Je Huu ni Ungwana?’ has spoken, “I want to confirm to all my friends and family from within and abroad that I am well.”

Speaking to a local radio station, Leonard expressed his shock after receiving calls from international media inquiring about his alleged death, “I don’t know where this rumor originated from or who started it.”

“I hope that you will all pray that I live longer because whatever you are hearing has not happened. I have forgiven whoever spread the news that I died in a road accident because he doesn’t know what he is doing. You hear my voice is still the one. I can confirm that I’m the one speaking.”

There you have it, Leonard Mambo Mbotela is alive and kicking.