Kennedy Ombimba popularly known as King Kaka is arguably the most successful celebrity entrepreneur in Kenya. He is a rapper, CEO Kaka Empire, script writer, actor, video producer and director.
Yesterday Kaka released a film titled, ‘Mwizi Mkubwa’. It’s a film that depicts the current situation in our country.
King Kaka

Politicians embezzle funds that are meant for Kenyans day in day out. King Kaka seeks to have Kenyans understand that they need to bring corruption to an end.


“When you bribe, you become the politician who hasn’t fixed the road” he says.

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The story was written by Tarriq O, Produced By Filah Tuju. Performed by King Kaka and Vini Hush and shot by Johnson Kyalo. The film was directed by Wanjiku Mburu, Kennedy Ombima and Johnson Kyalo.

Watch the film here: