Francis Gachuri

The work of a journalist is to bring or report occurrences and events that happen in our daily lives. But what happens when a reporter on assignment becomes the news? Well that is what happened to Citizen TV senior political reporter Francis Gachuri.

As the popular reporter made his way to Wiper Party offices along Othaya Road, Nairobi on Tuesday afternoon, he had no idea what was waiting for him. As he was chit chatting with his colleagues in the industry, some goons affiliated to the opposition NASA approached and roughed him up kicking him out of the venue.

According to reports, the attack on Gachuri and the rest of the Citizen TV crew emanates from the fact that the the leading TV station aired biased results in the just concluded October 26 repeat election.

It is reported that another camera Jane Gatwiri of NTV was also assaulted as she attempted to cover the fracas. Fellow scribes packed up their equipment and exited the venue in solidarity with the assaulted crew.

One of the reporters Chris Thairu of KTN says that the walk out was because of fear of their safety.

“If today it happened to Gachuri tomorrow it could be me or someone else. so we walked out in order to get a directive from our bosses,” he said.

This incident comes amidst reports of infringement of media rights and freedom provided for in the constitution. Recently, there have been calls by politicians for the boycott of particular media outlets and their products owing to the role of media in critiquing their actions.
Francis Gachuri wiper party Citizen TV.