size 8 dj moh

Celebrity couple DJ Mo and singer Size 8 excited their fans by having breakfast at a local kibanda before getting to their respective business meetings. The two shared their usual adventure in their Youtube Vlog ‘The Murayas’ which they update on a weekly basis.

In the vlog, size 8 complains that she’s hungry and needs to have some breakfast. But her husband promises to take her at a nice place to eat. Murayas start their day rushing to attend a meeting but Size 8 complains that she is too hungry only to drive down some road they find a kibanda .

She bares her motherhood struggles of waking up to feed their daughter and ending up with no time to take breakfast.

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The couple parks right next to the kibanda and order for some tea in metal mugs and chapati while seating on a makeshift log bench. They acknowledge greetings from fans as they leave.

The video is among the trending videos on YouTube in Kenya.