After years of speculation about her sexuality Uganda’s music sensation Keko has finally come out to settle the matter once and for all. The artist is no longer afraid to shout from the rooftop to let everyone know that she is a lesbian.

Keko made the announcement in Canada where she now a citizen.

‘’Thank you Canada for giving me a new home…I feel free like a new person it was a burden to live in a box and walk on egg shells.’’ She tweeted.

“My gay ass is free yes free and there will be a wedding you best believe,’’ she added. sexual activity has been criminalised in Uganda since 2014 under the Anti-Homosexuality Act. Those who are found guilty of ‘aggravated homosexuality’ face a punishment of life imprisonment. 

This year, Uganda Pride was cancelled by the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Fr Simon Lokodo.

Local LGBT+ Organization Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) said “We shall not allow this intimidation, the Constitution grants us freedom of assembly, the struggle will go on.”

“Pride is about celebrating who we are, giving courage and hope to those LGBTI individuals who are living lonely and isolated lives in hostile communities, for them to know they are not alone.”