Hockey Betting

Hockey Betting

Despite the fact that hockey is not as popular as, for example, football, this will not abolish its entertainment and the intensity of the struggle. And if you bet on any match, then your emotions will just go through the roof.

If you are a beginner or even an experienced and sophisticated bettor, I still bring to your attention ten of the most successful strategies that are guaranteed to bring you a good income. So, let’s start in order.

  1. The first strategy is called transfer cups. This betting tactic can be compared to the classic money game strategy during any baseball game. In such a case, it is necessary to play a small company, which will number from three to six people.

What you will need to do. We take an ordinary plastic cup into which everyone will throw a banknote (the fee can then be increased by early agreement, this will only increase the feeling of excitement).

The first player owns the cup until the whistle sounds, after it sounds, the cup moves to another player. The cup moves in a circle until one team throws the puck into the gates of their opponent. After a goal scored, as you probably all guessed, the player who currently owned the mug takes all the money from the cash register.

Then everything repeats again: you fold again, and the game begins to move on the same principle. Here I’m risking to offer you one piece of advice: to make the bank fund of the lottery bigger, you can add one banknote for each removal of players from both teams. But only the player who at that moment was the head of the plastic cup needs to fold, if the fine is large, then you need to fold twice and so on. Include your imagination and add your innovations to this tactic.

  1. Line bet If in football and basketball bets very often bets are made with the so-called spread, which in fact equal the chances of both rival teams, then in hockey battles the usual line rates prevail.

When making a bet, each player is inclined to assert that the team on which he puts will surely win after the final siren. At first glance, each of you can say that all this is quite simple.

But the whole point is that the stakes in this type of betting are very confusing and difficult to understand. For example, if you want to bet on Florida in a match against Calgary, then if you win first, you can make a profit of $ 50 at a bet of $ 100, since the coefficient on Panthers is 1.5.

On the other hand, if you bet on Calgary at the same $ 100, you can get $ 370 in profit. If you decide to make bets of this kind, then you’d better advise me to look narrowly at the outsider of such battles, as it often happens that an outsider can win 3 out of 8 bets to make a profit, and when you bet on a favorite, you can win 2 out of 3 times so that return your money.

  1. A strategy that is called “reason for the next whistle” is considered very popular.

If the bookmakers do not offer specific bets throughout the match, but they are ready to give you more sophisticated options for using regular bets. In traditional bookmakers you will not have the opportunity to bet on the reason for the next whistle, but you can simply make such a bet with your friends whom you met to watch the match together.

There can actually be quite a lot of reasons for the whistle: offside, violation of the rules, goalkeeper fixing the puck, and so on. I’m even sure that I’m unlikely to be able to list all the possible options myself, so we will give this to the referee of the match.

One way or another, you and your friends will have enough options to bet. After each whistle, you can bet again, continue as long as you want, the main thing is that you have money left.

  1. Often you can find common tactics more / less. In hockey, such a limit is usually set at around 5.0 or 5.5. Although you can find a higher ratio and a lower one.

Betting on more is always more interesting. Of particular interest is growing if in the first period the teams decided to demonstrate the most real scoring extravaganza. It is worth reminding everyone that experienced players are already aware that there have not been anyone in the US National Hockey League recently.

After three periods, there is an overtime, and then a series of shootouts. The pucks that are scored in these battles are added to the total score. Thus, when betting on more, this factor must be taken into account. Therefore, making, for example, a bet on more than 4.0, then with a score of 2-2 after 60 minutes of the match, you will win regardless of who wins.

After all, at least one more puck will be hammered for sure. However, there may also be pitfalls. The fact is that not all bookmakers take into account the result in overtime, so immediately clarify all the rules so that you do not lose later.