Basketball or football

Basketball or football

Despite the fact that football is rightfully considered a very popular sport, leading bookmakers are inclined to argue that in the world of sports betting, football is slightly inferior to basketball games.

Another important plus for this sport is the fact that basketball battles are held almost daily, which can not be said about football. A total of four times more bets can be made on basketball than on football.

Let’s try to analyze why many players still prefer football?
Well, firstly, football matches are held no more than twice a week, which means that the player will have time to prepare for the bet as best as possible, conduct a comparative analysis, make statistical calculations, and so on. Free football predictions and free basketball predictions have become popular in many countries around the world, and this is no coincidence.

And basketball battles take place every day or every other day, which does not allow players to prepare their new bet, you simply will not be able to study both teams in detail.

Reputable bookmakers say that winning by betting on basketball is much easier than betting on football. It is very difficult to disagree with this statement: in football, the money turnover is somewhat less, and the games themselves are much less.

But let’s not forget that in basketball the percentage of winnings fluctuates within 60% during a long game, and this is a fairly high percentage for players on a sports sweepstake. Throughout the year, the NFL holds approximately 600 meetings, of which only a maximum of 200 games are widely covered. About 2100 bets are made in the basketball association, of which more than 800 are predicted. The difference, as you yourself may notice, is quite substantial.

Before making a bet, a professional player analyzes no less than the last ten games of the team he plans to bet on. True, there are cases, for example, during the aging season, when you can analyze just a few games to establish the full picture.

When compiling an analysis of teams, there are several factors that you must rely on in the first place.

  1. Remember one interesting thing that has been confirmed for many decades: those teams that are dominated by young players play much better than those that include only veterans. The reason is quite prosaic: it’s much easier for young players to keep fit in the offseason.
  2. At the very beginning of the new season, as a rule, the effectiveness of matches is relatively lower than further in the season. The reason for this phenomenon is still the same.
  3. If a team has a lot of newcomers, then these clubs will be prone to mistakes much more often than teams played.

All of these factors are universal, but there are always exceptions to each rule, this is worth remembering. The venue of the match has a great influence on the meeting itself: it is away or home, that is, in front of its own fans.

Each bookmaker offers you its own individual set of rules for betting on football and basketball, which must be carefully read before you make a bet.